Saturday, April 16, 2011

sorry ...

hari nie patot nye i jmpe dia but i tk pergi pon just because i malas nk keluar , apa agak nya dia akn rasa ? i bkn sengaja tknk jmpe dia but ntah lah . i rindu dia but i tak sedia lagi nak jmpa dia . i tk tau nk explain cmner . yeah i taw dia akan marah kat i . tp i nk wat mcm ner . im so sorry hunny . i dont feel like wanna out and meet you tday . we will meet this wednsday okay . hope you i understand me . i noe im cruel but itulah i . again sorry .. <3

Friday, April 15, 2011

blackberry :)

the best present baby ! i got new smartphone . and its blackberry torch :) and now we used the same hp . damn happy yaw . num kami pun dah sama . just one number differ . both using line . :) haha . thanks yeah for the hadiah honey :) i will take care off it . and thank again for my suprise party birthday that day :) really love you :)

imissyou :)

yess imy . a lott . but what ? tk kan i nk ckap yg i rindu dia ? tk kan i nk kata kat dia yg i nk dia balik ? crazy or whatt ? what do you expect me to say ? hm yeah , kalu boleh i nak dia balik dalam hidup i . tapi nak buat macam mana . dia bukan lagi i punya .yes honestly i jelez bila tgk dia rapat ngn org lain . tp i dh tak leh nk wat pe . kan ? i kene terima . dia pun mungkin dah tk igt i . hm .. its sounds sad but that is the true maybe . hm . i juast boleh berharap dan berdoa yang dia bahagia ngn life dia . and i hope that one day we will meet each other againn . 
amin ...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

just like damn day .

wanna noe wat , i blik umah parents i mggu nie . hell , theres smthing that bad happen . haha . first i noe tht my besfie had totally change . i taw pon time die amek i smlm . yeah dulu die baik kott . but now die dah totally changed . smoking , crazy ryte ? haha . damnly shocked . what the .. haha .. next is all my plan is ruined . fuck it off lahh . its all just because my friends kantoi ngn fam die . haha . cibai ryte ?its has been damn suck day . gr ...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

confused myself ..

hey nw im really confused . who should i choose ? him or him ? haha . complicated sagt ouh . aku sayg die tp aku tk kesah klu tkder die . haha . but kan , hm antara dia dan  him aku rasa both same penting . both can make me smile . both have attitude that i love . so how ? untill when i should playing with their heart ? what if i kantoi ? saper nk jwb ? haha . but that is the risk .

oke nw , the first person is E , he is my lover . and i think only me that fall in love with him . butt the way he treat me is damn laving . it make me feel like im in heaven sometimes . ahah . but well when hve the good thing must have the bad thing ryte ? hee . so the bad thing abot him is he seems doesnt care abot me . yeah not reaally care somtimes . but like what my friends said to me , not all boys love to show their love with our way , yeah maybe he is the person like that . but im a girl ryte ? so honestly i want him to shows his love to me sometimes . :) haha

and now about A , yeah die seorg yg glegle . tk dinafikan . he is player . but yeah die slalu ckap die sayg aku . aku tk taw lah an does it true or not . should i believe it or not . hee . yang pasti die der bejuta perempuan . tp i still sayg die . wanna noe y ? because die tk cam ramai laki player yg len . yeah org kate be with him will always makes our hurts bleeding . but what can i do . perasaan tuh dah der . haha .

so the conclusion is ... i dont know should i take him or him . so ??? hmmm ...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it just like a suck day babe !

wtf ! tdae der program doe kat u, agak ar kan , aku taw last minit . huh just imagine 4 the whole day damnly bored . damnly sleepy ouh . haha . neway aku sedang bahagia ouh skrg . alhamduliilah . :) ouh yeah theres a lot that i wanna share but i dont feel wanna share ryte now . iwill tell you later oke baby . just stay tuned :)
muahx .

Monday, March 21, 2011

sedih + rindu .

nw kitorg dah start cuti for 1 week  babe . bohsan babe . haha . wanna know smthing ? hp aku dh rosak lah weyh . sakit hati jer . hee . oh yer aku rindu kat ex aku ouh . hm if he reading this hope dia akan faham perasaan aku . aku bkan saje jer nk lpaskan die dlu . but dah tk de jodoh kan ? haha ayat cliche . buts that the true . IM DAMNLY MISS YOU F&F . ):